Top 10 Reasons To Sign Your Preschooler Up For Dance Class

Top 10 Reasons To Sign Your Preschooler Up For Dance Class
May 26, 2021 Dance Forks
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  1. A Chance to be Social During a Time of Isolation

Looking for a way for your little one to safely interact with new people? Dance class offers the opportunity for your little ball of energy to safely interact with others their age! Engaging classes full of props, enthusiasm, and passionate teachers are the perfect way to let your child participate in active movement with other children outside of school.

  1. Better Confidence, Self-esteem, and Self-expression

Whether your child has a personality like no other, or they struggle to come out of their bubble, dance class is the perfect outlet! Here at Royal Dance at the Forks, our staff are eager to help your child flourish whether it be expressing their craziness with some unique dancing, or helping them gain some inner confidence.

  1. A Safe and Fun Environment to Let Off Energy

Are you struggling to find opportunities to keep your little one busy? Dance class is an excellent way for your child to let off all of that energy they have in a constructive environment! With plenty of class options to choose from, we guarantee that you will be able to find a perfect match for your child.

  1. A Fun Way to Stay Healthy and Fit

Dancing is one of the best (and most fun) ways to stay active and fit throughout all seasons of the year! Our wonderful staff will make sure your child is movin’ and groovin’ through every class. Hint: we also offer joint parent-child classes, barre fitness classes, and adult classes so that parents can join in on the fun as well!

  1. Encourages Creativity

Opportunities to express creativity can sometimes run thin these days. Dance class is the perfect way for your young one to express themselves and find new ways to let their imagination shine! Dance is an expressive activity no matter what age. In class, your child will learn how to appreciate their uniqueness and develop their own ways of expressing their emotions and thoughts.

  1. Cognitive Development

Did you know that dance engages both sides of the brain at the same time? This means that while your child is participating in mindful movement and learning steps, they are also simultaneously preparing themselves for early education.

  1. The Forks Market

Being located inside The Forks Market gives you the best waiting area there is! While your little one is dancing why not treat yourself to a fresh cinnamon bun from Tall Grass Prairie Bakery, or browse some locally made goods from Forks Trading Company? It really doesn’t get any better than this!

  1. An Opportunity to Perform

Although live performances are not possible at the moment, we can’t wait to get back to the stage. One of the things our dancers look forward to the most each year is the opportunity to perform on a professional stage in front of an audience not once, but twice! Here at Royal Dance we host two recitals for our dancers to show off what they have been working on in class.

  1. Emotional Intelligence and Awareness

Kids who have trouble using their words often find themselves more comfortable expressing themselves through movement. Since we are able to move before we are able to speak, dance can act as a method of emotional expression even at the youngest of ages. This acts as a “booster” to help your child gain confidence in their speaking early on.

  1. Kind and Caring Teachers

Here at Royal Dance, we pride ourselves on being a small, family-oriented business. The majority our teachers throughout our history grew up dancing right here in our studio, many of whom grew up dancing together! With this history, all of our staff have a dedicated and passionate commitment to the newest generation of dancers and want nothing more than to see your little one thrive and grow on the dance floor! Our teachers develop a strong and meaningful connection to their students throughout the years that they grow up with us. We can’t wait to welcome you into our family!