Program Info

Program Info


Lyrical is a technical blend of ballet and jazz and is like a chameleon. It can change with the music and choreography and gives the dancers an excellent creative output and opportunities to flourish. Our teachers create routines that are storytelling masterpieces with fun and challenging classes for all levels of dance.


Tap dance is a rhythmical challenge that allows participants to use their feet to make sounds and music! It is exciting and so much fun and can take on the style of your choosing based on music and class preference. We love watching our tap classes learn new skills and seeing their excitement when their feet make the ‘right noise’!


Hip-hop dance refers to the street dance styles typically performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. Our teachers incorporate a large range of styles always staying on top of current trends. And don’t worry, all our music is age appropriate and all the choreography is grandma friendly!

Me & My Shadow (2 Year Olds)

A fun introduction to dance that the student takes with their parent or guardian. Dancers explore the beginnings of dance through imaginative movement, use of props and fun activities. Our experienced teachers are patient and kind and will guide you and your little one through a fun season of dance!

Fantasy Dance (3 Year Olds)

This popular class is a great opportunity for students to get a taste of both ballet and jazz. The dancers discover different types of music and movement through sing along, use of props, dance sequences and more. It is a great class to get your little one started in dance and gives you a bit of quiet time to explore the market.

Triple Threat (4 Year Olds)

Your four year old will have a blast in this energetic class that all our students love. They learn all about ballet and jazz for the first half of the year and in the second half of the year get to make some noise while learning tap! Drop them off with us to make some noise and burn some energy.


Royal Dance is proud to teach Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus. Founded in 1920 the RAD set the standards for classical ballet and we continue to uphold the techniques to this day. Our classes are fun but challenging and we have time slots for all ages. For the prima ballerina or the little one that just REALLY wants a tutu, we have a class for you!


Jazz dance incorporates technical footwork skills with jumping, turning and flexibility. It is a type of dance that is easily adaptable and can take on many forms and styles to suit the music and mood of the dancers and choreographer. Our classes incorporate strength training and stretching along with the technique and choreo, and our teachers know how to make it all fun!